IT's a people's business

research areas

Research of the lectorate New Business & IT is directed at:

  • the support of business innovation and growth using IT, and
  • the support of new, IT-based businesses.
The interest covers the following individual research areas:
  • IT & Healthcare
    Research addresses how to introduce new IT-based products and services in Healthcare sustainably. The research covers domains such as IT supporting independent living, emental health, well being, and Healthy@Work. The research contributes to the Center of Expertise Healthy Ageing programme from a business and IT perspective.
  • IT & Energy
    The adoption of new renewable sources of energy such as solar cells, wind mills, micro CHP, and bio gas next to and into the existing energy infrastructure requires a lot of IT. IT equals the "smart" in smart grids. IT is needed to match supply and demand and to balance the energy networks. Our research is aimed at the development of this IT and new emerging business models in collaboration with the Centre of Applied Research and Innovation Energy.
  • IT & Entrepreneurship
    Research of the Center of Applied Research and Innovation Entrepreneurship is aimed at, a.o., networked entrepreneurship. Increasingly, businesses are dependent for their success on (temporary) collaboration with others. In part, this trend has been made possible by IT. Conversely, this trend has consequences for the way a business organises its IT and IT skills and competences. Topics in this area are IT governance, sourcing and offshoring, and enterprise architectures. Our research studies how IT should support networked entrepreneurship.
  • New IT Business
    The lectorate New Business & IT coaches student company IT start ups.
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